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014 | Sketching Science

Communicating about your research is one thing. But how do you create comics and exciting visuals about science? Ernesto Llamas, the creator of Sketching Science, shares his tips and tricks!

Listen to the episode!

Show me the memes

It's always a great idea to talk about very visual stuff on a podcast. But don't worry: I've included most of the memes we're talking about in these shownotes.

This is the one with the COVID interview gone wrong.

This is the original 'Learn how to make sushi' meme.

And this is Ernesto's twist on it.

This is the smoll dog, big dog meme, but with DNA and RNA.

And these are the already infamous headphone sketches.

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Finally, I have to include Ernesto's drawing of me. Keep in mind: he did this in less than five minutes!

What to watch?

Ernesto gets really inspired by other creators on social media, for instance @lamellipodium. He love science documentaries, such as Cosmos, or series and films about famous scientists (like Genius or Radioactive). And one of his inspirations is the neuroscientist and artist Ramón y Cajal.

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